What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Print?

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October 17, 2016
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What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Print?


You’ve already purchased the printer, ink, and paper, haven’t you? So why not just use the office printer? It’s right there, a quick job. Just a few flyers…

If you’re in your teens and running a pet sitting service, then of course no one is really going to care too much about what you use to promote it. Clip art and comic sans is pretty much expected, and the home printer will work just fine for this.

However, it’s not the professional option if you’re trying to run a grown up business. Read up on the benefits of outsourcing print and we’ll have you convinced in no time.

Save Money

Printing is one of the largest expenses most companies have to account for, and money is the top reason many of these same companies outsource their print or mail.

Completing print jobs in house can end up leaving you with a hefty fee. Low end commercial laser printers will cost tens of thousands, whilst high end digital colour presses can go into the millions. The production volume of your businesses print jobs must be vast to justify the cost of the equipment you’ll need, and when it runs that high, who’s to say? And that’s without considering the average life expectancy of these gadgets when you’ll always need jobs printed. Then there’s the regular maintenance, a dedicated space for the machines, and employing a trained operator to run them.

Most businesses recognise that it makes more sense to let print companies take the wheel (and the investment risk).

Increase Efficiency

Savvy entrepreneurs know where the businesses strength lie, and where tasks would be better placed outsourced to a third party.

Having access to a printers trained operators, years of expertise, and cutting edge equipment, gives your business a competitive advantage. Not only that, but an experienced third party printer will mean accountability and the assurance of high quality work every time.

Outsourcing to a printing service reduces investment on equipment, time, and commitments such as production space, paper, and postage.

Letting a professional take the wheel also means reduced errors, and therefore, reduced costs for your business.

Gain Access to Quality Materials

Whilst the office printer makes an attractive, quick option, it cannot hope to measure up to the quality of professional software and technology.

Your promotional print materials are a direct reflection of your company and its ideals. How can you expect customers to think you are professional and trustworthy if your promos aren’t up to scratch?

Even worse still, if your competitors are outsourcing their printing needs, then there will be an obvious and unflattering difference between your marketing and theirs.

Your best bet will always be to outsource if you’re looking for quality.

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