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October 15, 2015
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Screen Printing For Artists | UK Screen Printing

When you put your heart and soul into creating visual artwork, it is nothing short of a duty to send that artwork out into the world to be enjoyed by as many eyes as would care to see it. Your original creation is like a tree, and prints are seeds that travel on, sometimes to great distances, taking root in the minds and hearts of humanity at large. Overly poetic as that may sound, there is truth to it. And there’s also truth to this: having prints made of your art is the best way to make money as an artist.

When you send your art to be printed, whether screen printing or digital printing, you also open up a range of options with the work. Of course, you can have giclée prints, posters and screen prints made, as direct reproductions of your work for sale. But what if you were to take your artwork further, into gift ranges and homewares? When you do this, your art takes on a whole new dimension, both artistically and financially.

With minimal investment, you can make your creations widely available, accessible not just to art enthusiasts, but to the general public. If you put time into creating artwork that has mass appeal, and produce prints and products from that work, you will find more financial compensation for the work over time, as well as the satisfaction of creating something that so many others wish to own.

Beyond prints, you can design artwork that looks great on mugs, tote bags, coasters and even jigsaw puzzles! Choose your work carefully, and take time to research and find the right market for the right medium. If your design is something people want to have on the mug from which they enjoy their morning coffee, or something people would love to give as a gift, then you’re onto a winner. The hard bit is getting the work seen online or in stores. But that’s a subject for another post.

So, where should you start? Well, obviously with creating the artwork. Once you have work that you are ready to have printed, you need to find a good printer who has the skills and understanding of your needs to make the best of your work.

UK Screen Printing is an excellent choice because they are a printers that has worked with many artists and designers for years. Not only this, but unlike larger print companies and hipster studios that tend to approach their work as a kind of ‘in club’, with UK Screen Printing there is more of a personal approach to printing. Art is, as we know, not a totally financially-driven career path. There is love, soul and passion in the work you create, and this sensitivity should be recognised and mirrored in the printers who interact with that work.

You don’t have to invest heavily in a large run of prints straightaway. It’s important to gauge the market first, and to see which images are proving most popular. This will not only help to inform the work you plan to create in the future, but save you from wasting money on big print runs that don’t sell. A good printers will allow you to make small runs, or print to order, so you only print what you need.

To conclude, having prints made of your artwork is perhaps the most effective way of getting your work sold to a large audience. It ensures that, when you sell a piece, there isn’t just one original hanging on the wall of one living room somewhere. Instead, your beautiful artwork can be on the walls of many homes, with each one being an advert for your work in its own right.

If it’s time you started looking into getting prints made of your artwork, get in touch with UK Screen Printing. We’ll be able to talk you through the process, and get you on the road to putting your artwork out there to be enjoyed by the world!

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